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Advanced English Language Development

ELAPA Magnet at Esteban Torres High School Complex

  1. Mr. Yoshida

Contact: or through your Schoology course account email: AdvELD

Course Description:

High School Advanced ELD Courses for Long Term English Learners

The purpose of Advanced ELD is to provide Long Term English Learners, defined in LAUSD as students who have not reclassified after completing five years in U.S. schools, with the skills and content knowledge to increase their current ELD level and meet reclassification requirements. The course’s academic emphasis is on oral language development, accelerated academic vocabulary acquisition, expository writing, and reading comprehension with the use of CA ELD standards in tandem with the CCSS/ELA. This course may be used for A-G credit if needed.

Thematic units are organized to ensure that students make connections to other core content areas (science, math, social studies). This course employs an inquiry-based process and builds student achievement through real-life applications. Students learn organizational and study skills, develop their critical thinking, learn to be resourceful, and participate in motivational enrichment activities. Students will engage in research-based lessons with culminating writing projects and oral presentations. Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills will be assessed periodically using multiple measures.

The LAUSD LTEL Framework will be used to guide instruction. Students will:

  • Engage in learning tasks that promote academic language in listening, speaking, reading and

writing through both independent and collaborative work

  • Complete extensive reading assignments
  • Use reading and writing strategies and processes to accomplish a variety of intellectually

challenging tasks that promote higher-level thinking

  • Reflect on language development and growth toward academic goals
  • Build academic and personal resiliency

Instructional Units:

  • Hierarchy
  • Biodiversity /Interdependence
  • Problem-Solving
  • Data Around the Classroom
  • Commerce
  • Growth and Conflict

Course Material:

Great Source Material: Reader’s Handbook and Write Source Novels
Supplemental Resources

Attendance: Attendance is EXTREMELY important for achieving success.


  1. Students will participate in academic conversations
  2. Students will complete reading, writing, listening and speaking assignments
  3. Students will respect peers and class rules

Grading Policy:

A = 90-100 pts on assignments + min. of 90% attendance of Zoom Workshops

B = 80-89 pts on assignments + min. 80% attendance of Zoom Workshops

C = 70-79 pts on assignments + min. 70% attendance of Zoom Workshops

Please see separate handouts (posted for this course: AdvELD on Schoology) for instructions on how to ZOOM conference, rituals and routines for online learning, and phone numbers/emails for resource persons who can help with computer/connectivity issues, personal issues that would affect the student’s attendance/performance for this class, etc.