Welcome to Spring 2022

It is a new year! We are in school together once again but it is still a difficult time with masks on all the time. Looking on the bright side: I am happy to be able to see everyone again even it's not everyone's full face. I am happy to be on this journey of learning new concepts and skills. I love teaching but I also love learning alongside you.
I am grateful for you, for the sounds of birds, the clouds in the sky, the moon, trees, books, and my family.
What are you grateful for this fine morning?
A quick reminder of classroom expectations:



  • Participate fully
  • Listen actively and respectfully
  • Emphasize the positive in your responses
  • Mask are worn at all times
  • Eating and drinking are done outside of the classroom
  • Students are always present in class the first and last fifteen minutes
  • A pass is required when a student leaves the class for any reason