Ms. Melanie Dubose » Creative Writing - Fall 2021 Period 5

Creative Writing - Fall 2021 Period 5

Creative Writing Syllabus


Creative Writing is different from straight-up English classes because the emphasis is on creativity. We make art.  We write poems, even songs - lyrics are a form of poetry. We perform our poetry. We will also record our poetry and set it to music. We might even sing it. The Lyric Project is partnering with our class to help us make music out of our words.


Lyric Project

The Lyric Project will join us and guest teach on 6/29 and 7/1. The Lyric Project works with ASCAP to nurture the songwriters of the future.


Course Objectives:


Explore – Explore the use of poetry and music as an expression of identity, protest, and social change in American culture.


Use – Use the language and strategies of poetry and narrative writing to both create and analyze poems, stories, and music.


Create – Write poems, songs, and stories informed by contemporary artists and those from the past.


Understand – Be aware of important American artistic movements and the role music and writing has played and continues to play in social change. Understand how unions protect the rights of artists.


Evaluate – Reflect upon the work that moves us. Why is it effective? Reflect upon our own work and the work of peers.


Engage – Participate in discussions with peers and the instructor. Share perspectives and build upon the ideas of others.


Revise – What works? Can we dig deeper? Can we accept feedback and be strong enough to change and or explain why something needs to be a certain way? Not every work of art will have the same effect on everyone.


Synthesize – Use technology and collaboration to combine our words with music.




If you are not yet comfortable collaborating, using technology, or participating fully in discussions, you will probably grow in these areas. You do not need to ace everything to get an A.


There may seem to be many standards addressed in this class. The standards work to keep evaluations clear and transparent. The grading is meant to help everyone’s (even the teacher’s) ability to move forward and grow artistically, professionally, and personally.


Class Routine


This class is a semester long follows a simple routine.


Each class begins with timed write in response to a prompt. This is a free write to loosen up a little. Think of it as stretching. The free writes are graded pass (100) if submitted.


The free-write is followed by a lesson where a specific aspect of poetry is examined, and we look at examples. An assignment is given related to the lesson.


Students work asynchronously to complete the assignment. Students submit the assignment.


On Fridays, students choose one of their own pieces from the week (it could be from the free writes or from the assignments) to revise and share. They may choose to collaborate or set the writing to music. Students may also put the piece on to Padlet so that students can continue to comment in writing.


Each assignment includes a reflection at the end. There will also be one final reflection for the class as well.


This class is a safe place and students are invited to celebrate each other and discuss what works in the writing. We emphasize the positive!