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Filmmaking Syllabus


Film is incredibly democratic and accessible. It is probably the best option if you want to change the world not just redecorate it.  —  Banksy

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Our focus in this class is on creating, refining work and presenting work (though we also study the history of film).

Media artists plan, organize, and develop creative ideas and models into process structures that can effectively realize the artistic idea.


The forming, integration, and refinement of aesthetic components, principles, and processes creates purpose, meaning, and artistic quality in media artworks.


Media artists require a range of skills and abilities to creatively solve problems within and through media arts productions


This is a year-long class. In the first semester we do exercises to learn the language of film and expand our notion of what is possible.

Film Exercises (subject to change) - These exercises are designed to teach the language of film, possibilities, and skills. They don't generally result in festival- ready projects, however technical expectations are high and sometimes they are wonderful. As one student said in dismay, watching her peers amazing exercises, "I didn't know they were supposed to be good!"  The exercises are often compelling, but they won’t always be. We can only try and do our best. We will watch the exercises together using zoom. We can also post assignments on Vimeo so students can re-watch them.


Discussion: Students are expected to participate in discussions. We can use chat or discussion threads or speak live in zoom. We will figure this out.



In the second semester, students will create festival-ready films and choose from documentary, PSA, or narrative film. In the past, ELAPA students have screened at Warner Bros., LAUSD Film Festival, Latina Cinemateca Los Angeles (LACLA), Heritage Festival in Maryland, Campaign for Student Voices, and Autry High School Festival, among others.

We also do collaborative projects with ideas given by elementary students. This was a very fun project.

You can see the elementary school project here: 


Students will present their films to an authentic (not just our class) audience.











Approaching Proficiency

Not Yet Approaching Proficiency

Or Did Not Attempt



Working Toward Excellence

Could Show Proficiency with Assistance

Could Not Show Proficiency Even with Assistance





Below 67

Below 57








Work Can Be Redone for Full Credit

Work Should Be


Work Should Be



We can work with you if you find you are struggling. Filmmaking is a collaborative art. Reach out for help. We can help technically and we can help brainstorm ideas. We can also find you a peer to collaborate with.  No one is alone.


I will accept late work but you need to stay on top of things as the assignments just keep coming and the class moves at a quick pace. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be done. Remember, you can always redo it later if you are unhappy.