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African American Literature Syllabus

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Voice and Choice

This is your class, and together we can write and rewrite or adjust the syllabus, rubrics, , rules of etiquette, and timelines.


This class is an elective and includes students from grades 9 – 12.


Major Standards Addressed:


  • Read and comprehend literature of African Americans, including stories, dramas, and poems, proficiently, with scaffolding as needed at the high end of the text complexity.


  • Write routinely over extended time frames (time for research, reflection, and revision) and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day or two) for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences.
We will also publish our own work and work with poets and songwriters from our community (with an emphasis on Native Writers) and the Lyric Project.


Speaking and Listening

  • Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grades 9-12 topics, texts, and issues, building on others' ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.


Our class,  emphasizes discovery, exploration, creativity, and celebration. We celebrate the ideas and creative literature of African Americans and value our own ideas and endeavors.


Students will participate in choosing texts. Students will also write and share original poetry, plays, scenes, and monologues inspired by our readings.


Mastery Grading – Schoology shows a numerical value, but please see the conversion chart below:



100 -88

87 - 78

77 - 67

Below 67















Please redo and resubmit any assignment with a 1. We can also discuss an alternate assignment that can show mastery for the same standard.





All assignments are submitted through Schoology.


Examples of Single Class Tasks


  • Choose and submit song lyrics you like – write a paragraph stating why - share with a partner – share out to the class.


  • Read a short piece of writing together with the class, write your first impression, participate in the discussion.


  • Guest Speaker– for this, we ask that you have your cameras on (Audience Etiquette), but we can discuss if that is not possible, participate in discussion with the guest speaker and submit notes.
Create and share original writing inspired by readings and guests.


Examples of Possible Complex Tasks Projects


  • Create your own anthology

Write the introduction and say why you chose each piece of writing

Writing must be in the public domain, or you must have permission from the author or publisher.


  • Original Writing Anthology by members of the class


  • Writing Anthology by members of the community.


  • Participate in Online Literary Festival for Community sharing original and classic works of writing.



  • Participate fully
  • Listen actively and respectfully
  • Emphasize the positive in your responses
  • Mask are worn at all times
  • Eating and drinking are done outside of the classroom
  • Students are always present in class the first and last fifteen minutes
  • A pass is required when a student leaves the class for any reason