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Welcome to Fall 2023 at ELAPA Magnet. 
Even though we are having in-person school, you can still message me through Schoology or by email.  Please feel free to contact me at any time at [email protected] 
Fall 2022, I am teaching AP Language and Composition, Film (Directing Theatre for Media), 11th Grade English, Creative Writing, and PreAP Theatre.
PARTNERSHIPS with Community Members
Filmmaking will be working with Directing Change and the Campaign for Student Voices. 


It's Fall 2022!

Dear Students and Guardians,
Welcome to the 22-23 School Year!
I will be so happy to see everyone and I am also happy that school is starting at 8:30. If you have any questions or just want to say hello, you can message me through Schoology or email me at [email protected]. You can also call the main office and they can connect you to the phone in the classroom.
We are still dealing with Covid and following some protocols, it is important to stay in your assigned seat. Initially, the seating is alphabetical. If you need to sit in the front, please let me know (in person or by email). If, for any reason,  you need to change your seat, again email me or talk to me in person.

Welcome to Spring 2022

It is a new year! We are in school together once again but it is still a difficult time with masks on all the time. Looking on the bright side: I am happy to be able to see everyone again even it's not everyone's full face. I am happy to be on this journey of learning new concepts and skills. I love teaching but I also love learning alongside you.
I am grateful for you, for the sounds of birds, the clouds in the sky, the moon, trees, books, and my family.
What are you grateful for this fine morning?
A quick reminder of classroom expectations:



  • Participate fully
  • Listen actively and respectfully
  • Emphasize the positive in your responses
  • Mask are worn at all times
  • Eating and drinking are done outside of the classroom
  • Students are always present in class the first and last fifteen minutes
  • A pass is required when a student leaves the class for any reason

Welcome Back to In Person School!

So happy we will all be together again in Room F202.

All the assignments are on one Schoology for all my classes. No zoom link is necessary! YAY!
I am so excited to be back at school. The room will a little different. We will try to maintain social distancing.  No hugs or handshakes, please. Waving and smiling with your eyes works. I'm going to ask everyone to have a name card on their desk, initially. I have a hard time learning everyone's name quickly every year but this year with the masks I am worried that it might be difficult.
Every class will begin with a seating chart that I am creating arbitrarily. All chairs are facing forward because of social distancing. If you don't like where you are seated, please talk to me in person or send me a message and I will change your seat.
Generally, I do have after-school tutoring on Thurs (for no particular reason) but I usually stay late so if you have questions about assignments or need help you can come after school on Thursday between 3:30 - 4:30 or message and we can come up with an alternate time. I can answer questions in writing as well.

A Visit from poet Lynne Thompson

 The award-winning poet Lynne Thompson visited (virtually) the African American Literature class at Torres – East Los Angeles Arts Magnet on October 8, 2020. Ms. Thompson shared her poetry and answered questions for almost an hour. In this virtual world, we sometimes feel separated from each other, but she brought the class together and inspired us with her work, her approach to writing, and outlook on life.

Lynne Thompson is the author of two books of poetry Fretwork) (Marsh Hawk Press, 2019) and Beg No Pardon (Perugia Press, 2007). Her poetry is included in The Best American Poetry 2020.

She is also the editor of three poetry anthologies New Poets of the American West (Many Voices Press, 2010), Mischief, Caprice & Other Poetic Strategies (Red Hen Press, 2004), So Luminous the Wildflowers: An Anthology of California Poets (Tebot Bach, 2003)

 Reflections on Our Time with Lynne Thompson

The number one thing I liked was the structures and techniques she used in her poetry. Like the poem where she used just the letters from the title she created. It added a sense of personalized creativity and made her work unique. I also found it very interesting that her dad was the one to influence her about writing poetry in the first place. Knowing that shows the impact of what your loved ones’ occupations or hobbies can mean to you. There were also poems she wrote about her parents and I believe in the one she wrote about her mom, there was a portion of a line that said “like a bone in gumbo” which stood out to me so much. I find the imagery she portrays in her poetry to be fascinating and I feel really inspired by the pieces she shared during class today. 

- Jamie Rush

I really enjoyed having Ms. Thompson in our class today because it felt like I was getting ready for a regular day of school with the way she brought us together. Having a visitor/poet in class really helped us interact more than we have being virtual thus far. Not only did we enjoy and learn about poetry structure, she gave some really helpful tips on pulling inspiration from the things around you. Joining this class today I've learned that no matter how different things seem you must pull yourself out of your comfort zone. With these new exercises I'm excited to see what will come of this class.

-Faith Pena

Something that interested me was how she uses music such as Beyoncé or basketball to make poetry. She connects her poetry to real world stuff and to me that was very interesting and impressive. It was also nice to be able to turn our cameras on for once and interact with each other and have a group discussion together.  Being able to have a guest speaker and being able to hear how she got into poetry was very inspirational and helpful.

-Kailah Telon

Lynne Thompson was inspired by her dad. Anything can inspire you to write. When writing a poem, you shouldn't always write the same way to make it spicy, exciting - like keep the readers with a tension for reading more. I like the fact that she used vowels and only used those letters to write one of her poems. I liked all poems, in general and the fact that she uses any sentences that she likes. We did interact with everyone and it felt pretty good. I enjoyed that she was honest and that she said that you feel happier when you do something you like.

-Nayeli Alejo-Salas

Ms. Thomson is a very creative person when it comes to writing poems. She can take inspiration from other poems and can make it her own which is really impressive because she can put her own taste in the poem. She can also make poems out of scenarios and just random moments in her life. She is very inspirational and has a lot of things to talk about like her family. She even gave some tips when being stuck when writing like to use others as inspiration. She uses songs to help her write since that is also a type of poetry.

Melissa Cordero

Lynne Thompson uses her family a lot for inspiration and they are also incorporated into her poems. I remember how she said that one of her greatest achievements was getting her poem into that anthology book that she has subscribed to for 25 years. I found that as a like wow moment because that must have been big for her. Also seeing that she makes all these amazing poems from just everyday things like basketball games and weddings. 

Kayla Gonzalez



First Week of School Fall 2020

The first week of school was amazing. I wasn't sure what to expect but had almost 100% attendance and everyone (well, almost everyone) seemed as happy to be there as I was. I am so lucky to have my new co-teacher Ms. Roberts. She too is excited to be on Zoom class with all of you students and to be meeting families virtually. We are both confident that this semester will be productive and joyful. It feels a lot like being in the classroom and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Sometimes the technology presents some problems, thank you for being patient. Many of you have sent me such sweet notes of encouragement. Thank you so much. We get better at this every day and the new tools we are using, like SoundTrap are awesome. I am thrilled to be learning all this new technology as we work together to making a better future for everyone and increase our ability to read deeply and express ourselves with conviction and clarity in writing and sharing that expression using new technology.
La primera semana de clases fue increíble. No estaba seguro de qué esperar, pero tuve casi el 100% de asistencia y todos (bueno, casi todos) parecían tan felices de estar allí como yo. Tengo mucha suerte de tener a mi nueva co-maestra, la Sra. Roberts. Ella también está emocionada de estar en la clase de Zoom con todos ustedes estudiantes y de conocer a las familias virtualmente. Ambos estamos seguros de que este semestre será productivo y alegre. Se siente mucho como estar en el aula y agradezco la oportunidad de trabajar con ustedes. A veces la tecnología presenta algunos problemas, gracias por su paciencia. Muchos de ustedes me han enviado notas tan dulces de aliento. Muchas gracias. Mejoramos en esto todos los días y las nuevas herramientas que estamos usando, como SoundTrap, son increíbles. Estoy encantado de estar aprendiendo toda esta nueva tecnología mientras trabajamos juntos para hacer un futuro mejor para todos y aumentar nuestra capacidad para leer profundamente y expresarnos con convicción y claridad al escribir y compartir esa expresión utilizando la nueva tecnología.

11th Grade English and Film - 11 Grado y Clases de Cine

I am Melanie DuBose and I am very happy to be teaching at ELAPA and l am looking forward to meeting you in the fall if we don't already know each other.. I am on the 2nd Floor F202. I teach Film (Directing Theatre for Media), 11th Grade English - American Literature and Contemporary Composition, as well as AP Language and Composition.
I have tutoring after 3:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During the year, I also offer tutoring using Over the Phone using Google Voice and on Zoom.
I work in partnership with NBC, Warner Bros., Center Theatre Group, Directing Change - Mental Health Matters, and California Arts Alliance - Campaign for Student Voices.
Soy Melanie DuBose y estoy muy feliz de enseñar en ELAPA y espero conocerte en el otoño si aún no nos conocemos. Estoy en el segundo piso F202. Doy clases de cine (dirección de teatro para medios de comunicación), literatura inglesa y literatura contemporánea de 11º grado y composición contemporánea, así como lenguaje y composición AP.Tengo clases particulares después de las 3:00 los martes y jueves. Durante el año, también ofrezco tutoría usando Over the Phone usando Google Voice y en Zoom.
Trabajo en sociedad con NBC, Warner Bros., Center Theater Group, Directing Change - Mental Health Matters y California Arts Alliance - Campaign for Student Voices.