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Theatre Arts

The Torres East LA Performing Arts Magnet offers coursework in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment sector of the California Technical Education program focusing on the Production and Managerial Arts pathway. This coursework prepares students for success in college programs and careers as performers and directors, technicians and designers. Our CTE classes aim to share with students the love for and discipline in art that leads to successful and fulfilling careers. Students will build the tools and confidence needed to tackle and triumph over challenges in all areas of their lives.

As ELAPA Magnet is a performing arts school, there is an expectation that all students will perform in culminating performances and presentations to demonstrate proficiency of the learning targets in their performing arts courses.  Scheduled evening and/or weekend performances are essential culminating assessments for all students to demonstrate proficiency of learning targets.  Students may be asked to perform in front of a live audience and/or to create dance performance videos, as we continue to comply with all  health and safety guidelines set by LAUSD.

Period 1 and 4 conference periods; Tuesdays and Thursdays tutoring 3:00PM-4:00PM or via Zoom by appointment.



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Daniel Guzman teaches Theatre Arts, Stagecraft, and Production and Management at Torres ELAPA Magnet. He is an LA native, educated through LAUSD, LACC, and CSUN. Mr. Guzman has been active in professional theatre as an actor and as a technician. he is now a professional musician, playing various instruments in two punk bands.